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A Zambia Frontier Ecotourism Safari

Tuesday, 25 July 2017
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The Zambia Conservation Adventure Safari, is a unique and purposeful journey designed for guests looking to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife, taking them behind the scenes and directly into the action, in the heart of the wild country of Africa.
This truly immersive experience involves the guests in every step of the journey: by having the opportunity to interact with researchers and rangers on the front line of anti-poaching in the remote Busanga Plains; track Zambia’s last rhinos on foot and discover the impact of conservation education through Children in the Wilderness.
Above and beyond that is the possibility to add 3 nights in Hwange NP where guests will get involved with Elephant tracking, meet the award-winning Scorpion Anti-Poaching Unit and understand the link between community partnership and conservation through a visit to the Ngamo village.

The Zambia Conservation Adventure is a unique opportunity for guests to travel with a purpose and see first-hand how their journey changes lives in the most remote corners of Africa.


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